Mrs. Dantzler


I count it as a privilege and an honor to work as the Instructional Facilitator and Academic Data Representative for Walnut Hill Elementary.  I've worked for OPS for over 24 years.  One of my greatest pleasures in life is learning new things.  As the Instructional Facilitator, along with the Principal and Assistant Principal, I work with all staff and students to make sure students learning and reaching their greatest potential.  We accomplish this goal by using the most effective teaching and learning strategies.  

The second portion of my job as the Academic Data Representative involves testing, interpreting our test scores, and planning for improvements in all academic areas.  If parents need information on content standards, tools for working with their children at home, or need help in analyzing test results, we will gladly help you.  

Walnut Hill participates in the No Excuses University (NEU) program that promotes the idea of going to college.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with my Bachelor's and two Master's degrees.  My chosen NEU representation is Howard University, which is a historically black college/university (HBCU) established in 1867.  I chose Howard University, because HBCUs are symbolic that despite obstacles, education has the ability to transform lives.  We expect all our students to continue on to more learning, and with your help, they will be successful and ready for college!