Mr. Hilderbrand


Hi! My name is Patrick Hilderbrand and I’m the Speech-language Pathologist at Walnut Hill.  You may wonder what I do around here and if your child is in need of my services.  I hope that this information clears up some of those questions.  I evaluate, diagnose and provide therapy  to students who can’t communicate effectively and efficiently.

Who goes to speech?

Children with one or more of the following speech/language impairments:

Articulation: Articulation is the term for how a child pronounces speech sounds.  Boys and girls develop some of their speech sounds at different ages.

Language:  Many areas of a child’s language are taken into consideration when determining if a child qualifies for speech/language services. There are many parameters of language:

            Syntax (grammar): includes correct use of prepositions, pronouns, regular and 

irregular plural nouns and verb tenses

Semantics: word meanings (includes vocabulary, concept words, categorization, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words)

Morphology: small words that carry meaning (plurals, auxiliary verbs, regular tense marker)

Pragmatics: Social language, inferences, problem solving, stating possible causes and solutions to a problem

Language Formulation and Retrieval:  including putting sentences together, following multiple concept directions, word finding skills

Voice: has to do with how the voice sounds (Tone, tension, vocal abuse, pitch, loudness, inflection, pitch breaks, resonance and rate of speech)

Fluency: We all have some dysfluencies or breaks in the flow of our speech , but when they become dysfluencies or stuttering then help is needed (part and whole word repetitions over and over again, prolongations-holding a sound for a long time, blocking-pushing to say a word, but nothing is coming out)

If you have questions or a concern about your child’s speech/language, please let me know.