Fouth Grade Room 101


Welcome 4th grade Huskers to Room 101! We ARE college bound.

Image result for unl campusThank you, parents, for your tremendous support of the work that goes on in our classroom. Our students work to learn so much in fourth grade, and you are an integral part of your child's success. I look forward to continuing to meet with each of you to discuss your child's academic grown and tailor specific goals for their needs.

In fourth grade we believe that student self-reliance, problem solving skills, and academic work ethic are the keys to success. This year will be filled with academic growth and educational discoveries. 

I truly enjoy working with every student in our class. This is a wonderful group of kids who each bring unique gifts to our classroom community. As an educator I like to focus on each student’s individual strengths as they continue to develop the skills required for success.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. VonStup


Cross Curricular Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage  


predators Predators are animals that kill and eat other animals.

traits Traits are particular qualities or characteristics of a person or thing.  
lure If something lures you, it makes you want to go to it, even though it is dangerous or could get you in trouble.  

avoid If you avoid a person or thing, you keep away from that person or thing.  

mimic If you mimic a person or thing, you try to act or look exactly like that person or thing.  

obvious If something is obvious, it is so easily seen or understood that no one has to explain it.  

resembles If one person or thing resembles another, the two look similar to each other.  

deceptive  deceptive person or thing tries to make you believe something that is not true.

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