Miss Wilson's 3rd Grade Class

Welcome to Miss Wilson's 3rd grade homepage! I am so excited to be working with new, energetic students this year! We have so much to learn. I am confident that we will be able to work together as a team! We all must work hard to accomplish our goals.
With so much to learn, and so little time, we will learn to use our time wisely in room 207! The best part about being in room 207 is that we all care for one another and strive to Do and BE our best! Learning is important and we make sure that it happens in OUR classroom.

Welcome to Room 207 with Miss Wilson!

Hello from 3rd grade! Welcome to a great year in room 207!

Homework in Room 207

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. The homework is due the following school day. Homework is to be completed on the assignment worksheet, with a parent or guardian signature. As the year progresses, homework will become more challenging as your student learns more as a third grader. Additional practice is available at parent request.


Class Behavior Log

Throughout each school day, students are expected to follow the school wide F.O.C.U.S. rules and expectations. To help with communication and behavior management, your student has a behavior log that will be filled out and signed by me each day. This will inform you of his or her daily behavior.


9:05a - 9:15a
Word Work
9:15a - 9:35a
9:35a - 9:45a
Reading Lesson
9:45a - 10:05a
Daily 5/ Reading Review
10:05a - 11:30a
11:30a - 12:20p
Restroom Break/Lunch
12:20p - 12:55p
12:55p - 1:35p
Social Studies
1:35p - 2:05p
2:05p - 3:05p
Materials & Lockers
3:05p - 3:10p
3:10p - 3:50p
3:50p - 3:55p

Lesson 7 Choice BoardReading Vocabulary

Miss Wilson


Contact Info

Contact Information

MeLitta Wilson

Walnut Hill Elementary

Third Grade

(402) 554 - 8644


Availability: 8:00a - 8:30a (Mon - Thurs)

                4:15p - 5:00p (Wed & Fri)