Walnut Hill Elementary


Dear Walnut Hill Families and Friends:

Hello and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am proud and honored to serve a seventh year as the Principal at Walnut Hill Elementary.

As the Principal of Walnut Hill Elementary, my goal is to build positive and meaningful relationships with all students, families, and staff members. I believe these relationships will help spur unlimited possibilities for all students. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with you and your student(s) to provide a supportive, dynamic, and safe learning environment that fosters high academic achievement and promotes the belief that all students can learn and be successful.

One of the most important characteristics of an effective school is building a strong home-school relationship. As a staff, we hope to provide a variety of opportunities to help us connect with you and your family.

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you. I value your input so please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.


Rocky Parkert



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We Miss You! -- Message to Students & Families


Walnut Hill Elementary
4355 Charles Street
Omaha, NE 68131-1023

Phone: (531) 299-2200
Fax: (402) 554-8638


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Walnut Hill Elementary is located at 4355 Charles Street. Approximately 500 students attend Walnut Hill Elementary. Class sizes in grades kindergarten through grade three are approximately 18 students. The intermediate classrooms have 22 students. In recent years, the student population has seen a significant increase in those qualifying for the English as a Second Language program.

Walnut Hill Elementary continues to search for ways to include and learn from the richly diverse community it has served for so many years.

The mission statement for Walnut Hill Elementary states that "students will meet high learning standards in a safe, caring environment.

"Walnut Hill Elementary boasts an active Adopt-a-School partnership with McDonalds, Pfizer Inc, and support from The Midlands Community Chapter of the National Management Association.

The Parent Teacher Association also actively supports and benefits the school community.


Walnut Hill School Improvement Plan





ELA (English Language Arts)










Decrease the number of discipline referrals and suspensions from 2016-2017

Professional Development Focus Areas:

1.     Reading Comprehension

2.     Deliberate and Detailed Planning

3.     Writing to Learn

4.     School-Wide Focus on Implementing MTSS-B 




Click here to access the Title 1 School-wide Plan


BOXTOPS for Education


There are many products that carry the for Box Tops for Education logo.  Boxtops are a great way for Walnut Hill to raise funds by simply collecting these labels.  We earn 10 cents for every label we collect, and this goes to support additional activities for Walnut Hill students and families. 

Make it a family mission to be on the look out for Box Tops.  Clip them and send to school with your child.  You can also visit https://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/clip/Brands.aspx for lists of products that carry the Box Tops for Education label.  We appreciate your support. You can contact Mrs. Bentley if you have any questions about this fundraiser.




Parent's Right to Know Clause

At the beginning of each school year, any District that accepts Title I, Part A funding must notify parents that they can request information regarding their child's teacher and his/her qualifications, including certification and endorsements.  Parents can also request information about paraprofessionals working with their children.  Nebraska requires each parent a timely notice that their child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not NCLB qualified.