Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To empower a community of students to be goal-setters, equipping them with skills to meet academic and social successes.

Mission Statement
Students will meet high learning standards in a safe, caring environment.

At Walnut Hill School, we believe in providing instruction for the development of skills, attitudes, and character traits that are essential in our society.  Walnut Hill School will foster an appreciation of the responsibilities of a democratic citizenship.  Our staff will assist students in preparing for a career that will enable them to be a contributing member of society.

As an outcome of instructional effort, we will continue to promote alertness, physical fitness, character development, and respect for the rights and responsibilities of others.  As a direct result of their education, individuals will easily interact in their world, be productive caring citizens, and demonstrate concern for the rights and responsibilities of other people regardless of race, color, religion, gender, disability, age, national origin, or citizenship status.  As a result of their education, students should become productive citizens and contribute to our society.