Deb Bentley, Liaison




The 'Just for Parents'Newsletter comes home three times a month from the Family Room.  It includes reminders, updates, encouragement and parent information.

"As a parent of six children myself, I many times had a question or concern and wasn't sure who to call.  Feel free to call The Family Room anytime - I may not have the answer, but I may be able to help find it."

Mrs. Bentley


Working Together For 'Excellence' In Education

Everyone knows how important it is to have a great working relationship between home, school, and community.

Parent Involvement

There are two areas of parent involvement and both are very important. 

*Volunteering provides the hands that make big events at school happen. Being active in the PTA, helping out in the classroom, participating in fundraising endevors...these are all important pieces of Parent Involvement. 

* Parent/School Partnership: Being involved by being aware of what our children are learning, how they are learning, and what we can do as parents to reinforce that learning at home.Walnut Hill Elementary has several events and activities throughout the year that focus on the School/Parent partnership.Be sure to mark the dates for these events on your events calendar:

* OpenHouse/Curriculum Night  *Parent Teacher Conferencing   *Parent Partnership Day *Family Room Challenges *Parent Chats *and more!

Parent Resources

Come on in to look over our Parent Resource Library providing books and games for checkout to parents, as well as information about community resources for our families. Information and tools we all sometimes need!


Walnut Hill's relationships with community businesses and services agencies are very important to us.  If you know a business or group who would like to share a partnership with Walnut Hill- give me a call (402) 554-8644 or contact me by e-mail

Watch for our McDonald's Family Nights (twice per year) at the 40th Street Dodge location. McDonald's are one of our Adopt-a-School Partnerships. 

We are lucky to have a health/science partnership with University of Nebraska Medical Center's Community Partnership Organization.

Our school motto: TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK!
Be sure to stop by The Family Room each time you come to school!